Hey guys! Are you interested in making easy money and receiving rewards for free? If so, please continue reading!

FeaturePoints is a free app available for iOS and Android devices where you basically download selected apps and play them for 30 seconds. Then you can delete them from your device without any problem. By doing this, you receive points. And with the points you collect from downloading apps, you can claim rewards such as Amazon/Starbucks/iTunes gift cards, payments to your PayPal account, paid apps, an iPad mini, and more.

To get started, go to this link -> http://featu.re/44YZ4H on your iOS or Android device. Make sure to use my referral code 44YZ4H to earn 50 bonus points when you first sign up. Note that if you don’t use this code, you will begin with 0 points. So it’d be best if you used my code to get a head start!

FeaturePoints is completely legitimate and a fun way to earn money easily. I have already claimed several rewards with this app. I definitely do recommend you to check it out!

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